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Barbara's Team of Hope is a not for profit corporation under the laws of the state of New York tax exempt code 501 (c )(3)  granted by the internal revenue service

     As chairperson of Barbara’s Team of Hope’s Annual Golf & Food Festival, I’d just like to let you know the reasons why this event holds such a special purpose. Before my friend Barbara ever heard of Parkinson ’s Disease, Cancer or Heart Disease, she was one of the most charitable and caring persons. Whether it was someone who needed a bit of sugar, a shoulder to lean on, or a child in trouble, she was always there. Giving was second nature to her, she had a tremendous heart and she did it without reservation. When she was diagnosed with Parkinson ’s Disease, followed by cancer, and then had open heart surgery, one might think that would be too much for any one person to face day by day.  Not Barbara, instead of taking this horrible situation as a death sentence, she chose to pass on the pity party and battled these overwhelming hardships for 10 years. She used her strength to find a way to promote funding with hope of finding a cure.

 Come spend the day with us so we may honor a very special lady and continue her legacy.

Thank-you for your support and I know Barbara will be smiling down on us.

Marie Sabino